How is the organization or program designed to expand STEM education to undeserved populations?

We look to support organizations that provide innovative and thoughtful solutions to increasing interest in and pursuit of STEM careers, particularly those that serve diverse populations. 

How well known is the program within the Illinois technology community?

We are looking for diamonds in the rough - innovative organizations that, with help from us and our network, may then be ready to achieve their mission and scale their operations. Even if very early stage, programs must be able to:

  • clearly identify the target population

  • specify program objectives in measurable terms

  • identify key indicators of success

  • have proof of early successes and a hypothesis for growth

Do the organization's board and staff members reflect the communities served?

We value diversity and require the programs we support to reflect the community they serve. By including members of the community on boards or in the organization as staff or volunteers, the organization ensures that it is connected and accountable to the communities it serves.

What is the legal and charitable structure of the organization?

Our supportive efforts are focused only on 501c3, 501c4 or government organizations in the state of Illinois. We also require a strong charitable commitment with 80% of all funding received being allocated to the program directly. 

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